Cold blustery weather, central heating, log fires means it’s time to adjust your skincare routine and avoid itchy, red and irritated outbreaks.  How do we maintain a radiant glow throughout the party season? A few simple changes to your daily habits and skincare routine can protect and hydrate both from the inside and out. An essential and worthwhile investment for healthy, youthful looking skin, I’m sure you’ll agree?!



STAY HYDRATED FROM THE INSIDE OUT  Wake each morning with a warm cup of filtered water, splashed with cider vinegar and squeezed fresh lemon to flush the system. Continue to drink plenty of clean, filtered water and herbal teas such as hibiscus throughout the day.  Nourish and hydrate with vegetable soups and mineral rich vegan bone broths to boost collagen.

EXFOLIATE Removing dead skin cells and clogged pores allows your skincare products to be more effective by penetrating more deeply into the fresh new skin cells below.  Something as simple as brown sugar mixed with olive oil is a fantastic natural exfoliant. Once a week is enough - too much can cause inflammation.

REST & PLAY - Plan some time for rest, relaxation and fun.  Stress really does reflect on your skin so make time for you, whether this is a dog walk in nature, a yoga class, time with family or a moment of stillness each day to gain calm and clarity.

USE A FACE SERUM - consider using an organic intensive treatment oil on your skin under your normal face cream. This will provide an extra protective layer while also offering a deeply hydrating boost of essential nutrients.  We highly recommend Wild Azur Frankincense Face Serum, suitable for the most sensitive of skins and packed with pure, natural, organic and healing ingredients such as Frankincense, Rosehip, Vitamin C, Calendula and Lavender.

BEAUTY SLEEP - always remove makeup and dirt before you fall into bed - just a warm flannel to wipe the skins surface avoids clogged pores and allows the skin to breathe and renew while you sleep.  A simple piece of cotton wool with a dab of coconut oil is also great for a gentle make up remover.  To help with fine lines & wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags and puffiness we advise using Wild Azur Marine Collagen Eye serum.

Your skin is your largest organ and worth investing in! :)

Wild Azur skincare products are organic, natural & healing and available on amazon here!