Does Frankincense Cure Acne?

''My daughter is almost 27 and still suffers from adult acne. We've never found the reason why. She's just been prescribed medication for it but wondered do you have any anecdotal evidence that Frankincense would help? ''

Medicinal Wild Boswellia Sacra 

The term medicinal is what we mean by using a pure graded healing oil that is grown and wild harvested naturally.  This is something we believe strongly in at Wild azur.
Nothing is added or removed, just a process of grading which ensures you the finest product.

Note; If using the pure oil, always use on a small area and see how it works on your skin as some skins are more sensitive than others and may respond better to the serum or mix.

“Boswellia Sacra has been shown to be a great solution to bringing natural, beautiful looking skin.  It has also been used effectively to treat other skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and rashes.”

Healing Avocado and Wild Frankincense Mask for Fresh, Glowing Skin

"Recently one of our customers, in this case a young woman, had heavy acne on her face.  She had tried many commercial products before, but nothing seemed to work for her. The acne got worse and her manager at work bought her some of our Frankincense to try.  This young lady decided to try and mix it with fresh avocado. Mashed avocado blended with Frankincense sacra is the perfect mix to apply to the face as a mask. After leaving it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinsing it off, she felt an instant freshness and glow.  She made this her daily ritual for the rest of the week and then within two weeks she said her acne had totally vanished. When she popped in to show us, I too was surprised and elated at her results... Thank you to this beautiful lady for sharing her story and inspiring others."

Lovely Helena, girl after my own heart - with an avocado face mask at Cantika Spa, Ubud, Bali.

So maybe mashed up avocado all over your face might not be your thing ( it is totally mine)  but an alternative could also be to add a few drops of sacra directly to your own mask, be it green argile clay or activated charcoal powder and let the healing begin! :)


Katerina, France on Sep 18, 2018

"Top products"
''I had a big allergy on my face and nobody knew what it was from ( I think emotion/ stress related), it stayed on my face for a month!
I tried so many creams on my sensitive skin but only yours was effective - no sting, no burning like the rest of the expensive creams. I have just ordered 3 more pots!
Just want to thank you and tell your product is top!''