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''Medicinal grade Frankincense - I am hooked!

I’ve been using the serum for three weeks now, which isn’t that long. However, two of those three weeks were while we were on holiday so despite SPF factor 50, my skin was sun-stressed every day. Normally when I come back from holiday, my face is dry and flaky, with a rather dull and ashy tone underneath my tan. But not this time. I can honestly say that it’s glowing and radiant. So much so that I haven’t worn foundation for over two weeks, and have no plans for the foreseeable future either. So if that isn’t proof of product then I don’t know what is! Once I found out that the main ingredient in Wild Azur’s serum is medicinal grade Frankincense Sacra I was hooked. Wild Azur’s Frankincense Face Serum is in league of its own. It truly is a miracle product that I have fallen in love with.'' 

- Lisa McLachlan on Jul 13, 2018

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