New Brand Review: Wild Azur Skincare

Wild Azur is an exciting new brand bursting onto the natural skincare market. Born out of a passion to educate, inspire and empower based on ancient wisdom's which come straight from nature itself, founder Clare Hoar has created a fixating & beautiful little collection of skincare products to heal, nourish & age you gracefully.

This alluring brand strips you back to bare nature with its gorgeous greenery & sleek black packaging. All handmade in England, ethically sourced & produced to the highest standards., whats delivered is a gorgeous and luxurious product. As you can tell, I love the branding. If you head over to the website, your transported into an amazonian paradise of natural beauty. The high quality sleek black glass packaging screams high quality with recycle-ability in mind. According to Wild Azur the Miron glass containers you see your product presented in are specifically sourced to protect bio-energy, blocking harmful rays, & only allows infrared and violet lights through, which enhances the effect of the product your getting, impressive!

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