our replenishing night cream


A hypnotically luxurious, replenishing anti-ageing night cream with a highly nutrient dense blend of healing essential oils and plant extracts to visibly restore and renew the appearance of skin by morning, boosting collagen production while you sleep.

what's in our replenishing night cream?

Key ingredients

Lavender flower oil

relax & repair, enhance blood circulation, powerful antioxidant.

Apricot kernel oil

vitamin K, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, enhances collagen production, anti ageing.

Chilean rosehip oil

powerful tissue regenerator, boosts collagen production, antioxidant & vitamins.


Added Ingredients

Sunflower seed oil - 

essential fatty acids, vitamin A, C, D & E, repairs damaged skin tissue

Coconut fruit oil - 

deep hydration and conditioning - also treats oily skin, helps in blocking harmful UV rays of the sun - reducing skin cancer, promotes blood circulation

Sweet almond kernel oil - 

anti inflammatory- packed with vitamins A and E - - great for sensitive skin 0 prevents acne

Jojoba fruit oil - 

balances skin sebum, vitamin B & E.

Cocoa butter anti ageing - 

highly moisturising & mild sunscreen - promotes soft skin

Neroli flower water - 

cooling, soothing, mood balancing - rejuvenating and regenerating benefits - ideal for oily and blemished skin

Orange peel oil - 

assists collagen production, uplifting - vitamin C, - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,

Bergamot fruit oil - 

great for oily skin - unclogs pores - helps remove dirt and impurities - skin-balancing - properties

Geranium flower oil - 

firms and tightens skin - treats skin allergies and irritations - helps fade scars gradually

Rose (Centifolia) oil - 

toning benefits due to its astringent properties - reduce redness and irritated skin - helps heal acne, dermatitis and eczema

Relaxing, Calming, Smells incredible. Spots & Scars fading.
''The blend of apricot, rosehip, and lavender in their night cream almost put me to sleep, it’s relaxing and very calming, I kid you not the smell is so incredible, you need to try it for yourself. Some “natural” products I can’t really see any results in a short period of time but it was different this time around. By the end of the first week, I started noticing a difference in my skin texture and overall look. After a month, my skin feels hydrated, nourished. Some of my spots and scars are starting to fade slowly. I can’t be happier with the results'' - Loubna ( Glowing Blush beauty blogger) on Feb 13, 2018
A luxurious way to finish the day.
“Applying Replenishing Night Cream has become an evening ritual that I absolutely love and look forward to.
The cream strikes the perfect balance between being rich but light. It smells divine and has a wonderful silky texture.
I feel so lucky to have finally found a product that is not only compatible with my skin but also with my values and ethics. Very happy!” - Melanie on Mar 05, 2018