I've just returned from a wonderful break in Sweden to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. We took a guide and went ice skating on the frozen lakes and returned to melt in a sauna/ spa - I highly recommend it as a place to visit!⁠

Things I LOVE about Sweden;⁠
👍In Sweden less than 3% of the country is built up and over 50% of the country is forest cover. ⁠
👍Sweden is one of the few countries in the world that gives every person the freedom to roam in nature! ⁠
👍Swimming in lakes is also allowed and there are about 100.000 of them. Yes!!! :)⁠
👍There are about 300-400K Moose roaming freely in the woods.⁠
👍Swedes take rest and relaxation seriously - Saunas are in abundance all over Sweden!⁠
👍Low unemployment, a low birth rate, a highly developed welfare system and one of the world's longest life expectancies all contributes to modern Sweden having one of the highest standards of living in the world.⁠

BEST of all..... 99% of Sweden’s waste is recycled or used to produce heat, electricity or vehicle fuel in the form of biogas (Only 1% of solid waste goes to landfill!) Renewable energy sources account for more than half of Swedish energy production. Swedish environmental technology companies export their green knowhow to the rest of the world in technology areas such as biofuels, bioenergy, windpower, solar power and wastewater treatment. 👍👍⁠ ⁠
AMAZING!!!!! Full respect to this incredibly inspiring country for holding nature in such high esteem.⁠

Have you been to Sweden? What was your experience? Please do comment - Would love to hear from you!⁠


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