The Story behind Wild Azur

From the earth to your skin

Wild Azur was born out of a passion to educate, inspire and empower based on ancient wisdoms which come straight from nature itself.

The skin is our largest organ, absorbing 80% of what we put on it, whether that be body creams, moisturizers, sun tan lotion, insect repellents, deodorant or body oils. When left to its own devices, the body heals and rebalances itself through it’s own natural processes.

Quite simply, it’s a universal truth that our skin responds best to natural, organic, healing plant extracts and oils that derive directly from the earth rather than toxic, synthetic anti-ageing formulations or chemicals that modern society has come to rely on.

Clare Hoar, Founder of Wild Azur,

"I first witnessed the power of Frankincense Sacra essential oil when my husband started using it after a friend’s recommendation to help him heal some angry moles caused by over exposure to the sun. His moles totally disappeared within a few weeks and having passed the oil onto my mother, who achieved similar results, I became captivated by the miraculous healing properties of essential oils and frankincense in particular."

"I started to make my own body balms, home made insect repellants and sun tan lotion, which were all highly effective. Friends would often take some home and tell me how amazed they were at the results despite their initial reservations at my ‘hippie potions’."

"I started helping people to treat skin disorders, making more and more products for friends and family and before long, I realized that there was a growing demand for natural and effective products that, in the words of Wild Azur’s mantra, come from the earth to your skin."

So what exactly does Wild Azur do?

We are proud to produce the most luxurious, natural, organic, healing, nourishing and anti-ageing body care products using only the purest, fairly sourced and wild harvested (where possible) ingredients which are beautifully handmade in England and delivered direct from us to you.

We understand the importance of ethical sourcing and sustainability so while Wild Azur products are naturally youth-enhancing, they are also safe and ethical as well as being vegan and vegetarian friendly, fairly traded and not tested on animals.

"It’s a joy to share my own experiences and what I have learned in the process of setting up Wild Azur. Our goal is to further raise awareness about the positive impact we can all make on the environment, the population and our beautiful planet while also radiating naturally based health and beauty, reducing disease and living as optimally and harmoniously as we can. With that in mind, Wild Azur is donating 5% from all product sales to the incredible work of conservationist Jane Goodall and her team as well as to other causes and extraordinary people doing amazing things which are aligned with our values and close to our heart. "



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