Our best selling product - Clare tells us why.

When I was formulating this luxurious frankincense face serum, I knew this would be the best seller of all our products as it has the most perfect combination: An intensely moisturising but not greasy serum and the most divine smell that immediately lifts you. When using the serum, I just love knowing that I'm applying a delicious cocktail of power packed collagen boosting and restoring vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and healing plant oils and herbal extracts that all work in harmony to rebalance and rejuvenate my skin. I even use it as a lip balm now so no lines there either!

From the powerful tissue regenerators of the organic chilean rose hip oil and the anti ageing, anti cancerous properties of the wild harvested frankincense sacra, assisted by the vitamin C and anti inflammatory effects from the orange peel oil, the grounding sunflower oil, the hormone balancing geranium leaf oil and jojoba oil, the purifying, refreshing bergamot oil to the calming, repairing and soothing properties of lavender and calendula and the hormone balancing effects geranium leaf oil, I have literally been around the world with this little bottle and could not go a day without it :)

Clare Hoar founded Wild Azur in 2017 from a drive mixed with passion for health and an interest in the wondrous gifts nature has to offer us.