Can you help us think outside the box?

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how can we excite and delight you with your wild azur experience, while being mindful to nature and our planet?

We have been thinking about packaging.  How can we make the experience of receiving your anticipated luxurious skincare a truly unique, memorable, beautiful and educational one, while also being mindful of where materials come from, who they benefit and where they end up.

Although popping bubble wrap is a cherished national pastime, it takes hundreds of years to disintegrate in landfills and is not visually appealing either.  We prefer to give you genuinely useful packaging, made by people who are digging themselves out of poverty and working in an ethical and sustainable fashion.

Picture above; Clare visiting Bali Street mums refuge in Denpasar to look into having bags made for wild azur.  The centre provides mums opportunities for work and purpose while providing the children free schooling, healthy meals and medical attention.  

Receiving a package can be extremely exciting, especially if it's something you have been looking forward to. 

I will never forget the delight of my first home food delivery in Bali, all handpicked from the local organic farm.  The freshest sweet smelling colourful fruit and vegetables arrived beautifully wrapped in banana leaf, no bags, no plastic, no cardboard, no waste.  No hassle. All came from the soil and returned to the soil as nature intended. No harm done to oceans or animals.Clare


what is important to you?

Is it;

  • Knowing that you are helping people to help themselves, ethically and sustainably.
  • The Informative/ Educational Leaflet - would you like to receive educational information on what you are putting on your skin, where it’s from, our suppliers and their stories ( how you are helping them) , the benefits of the ingredients and how to get the best from your products?
  • the ‘wow’ box in azur blue, the moment it arrives at your door, you know it’s different and special?
  • The handwritten card that gives the personal touch and makes you feel part of something special and exclusive, letting you know that there are real people behind the brand.
  • The Tissue Paper wrapped products that add an extra level of mystery and excitement?
  • Receipt - do you wish to receive a receipt with your package?
  • Gift - A small gift such as a little feather pendant  (with a little note of it’s meaning - signifying freedom and evolution to a higher plane)
  • Free Samples -  learn about new products and feel like you’re getting a little extra luxury.

how can wild azur deliver a unique and memorable experience for you so you want to tell all your friends and family about it?

Your valuable Feedback is really important for us so we are offering a chance to win a free frankincense serum worth €65.

So excited to hear from you - your support means everything!
Have a beautiful day.