Rosehip Oil-Ultimate Anti-Ageing Oil?

Rosehips were a remedy used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans, all because of their amazing healing properties.

The Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil used in wild azur skin care is certified organic. It is cold pressed and filtered without the use of solvents. This lovely red-golden oil is renowned to be a powerful tissue regenerator - it boosts elastin and collagen levels and so helps to create smoother, firmer skin. It is high in vitamins and antioxidants together with essential fatty acids, known to be effective on dark spots, scars, keloid scars, burns, eczema, fine lines and wrinkles, mature, dry and itchy skin, as well as skin that has been overexposed to the sun.

And now for the sciencey part:

For facial skin care, Rosehip oil offers several benefits when applied externally. It protects the skin and increases cell turnover because it contains beta carotene (a form of vitamin A), vitamin C, and vitamin E which are all antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Rosehip oil’s healing properties are due to its chemical structure. Its rich in essential fatty acids, but more specifically oleic, palmitic, linoleic, and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Rosehip oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F), also known as an essential fatty acid (EFA), and when absorbed through the skin, these fatty acids convert to prostaglandins (PGE), which are involved in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration.

It is also one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C which is another reason why Rosehip oil is such a great choice for the skin and more.

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