To boldly grow! - Partnering with Rising forests 🌳

“We had been searching for an environmental project since our year of living and growing in Bali, and sending our kids to the Green school, ‘a wall less, nature immersed campus’.  The whole family became vegetarian, learnt about sustainability, the importance of our responsibility to our planet and making a change.  We are so excited to have now found more purpose behind the Wild Azur brand and formed a partnership with Rising Forests.” says Clare

Rising Forests is an environmental organisation working in harmony with our planet to increase the number of woodland and forest areas within the UK to combat climate change. 

Did you know that trees have a direct link towards improving many health and well-being aspects, primarily preventing many respiratory diseases by improving air quality... pretty poignant right now as well! 

We are thrilled to be in support of Rising Forests and for every product that's sold, Rising Forest will plant a tree... and EVERY tree makes a world of difference! 🌍

Just one tree can;

  • Absorb up to 48lbs of CO2 every year
  • Create vital habitats🦋
  • Expand low UK forest cover🌲

Did you know?

  • Recent reports from the Office of National Statistics highlighted that air pollution removed by UK woodlands, saved around £938 million in health costs throughout 2017.
  • 85% of the population in the UK does not have access to wood within 500 metres of their home and only 46% of woodland in the UK is accessible. 
  • 💧Trees and woodland can have a significant impact on flood risk mitigation and surface water pollution decrease. 
  • Carefully planned tree planting will slow water run-off (and limit downstream flooding), reduce land erosion, help to moderate stream temperature and aid flood risk management.
  • New research has found that worldwide planting could remove two-thirds of all the emissions that have ever been produced by human activities, the main contributors to climate change.
  • Yearly CO2 absorption from 1,000 trees can range between 10,000lbs-50,000lbs | Directly reversing and alleviating the impacts of operations💡🌳
  • Ecosystem expansion and biodiversity support is one of the largest factors influencing UK afforestation.🐞
  • Woodland and Forest areas are home to more than 25,000 species of mammals, birds and insects, with a mature oak supporting over 250 species alone.🐛

At Wild Azur, our commitment to the planet is part of our brand message, from sourcing and using only the finest, purest, natural organic ingredients, free of any chemicals to using premium recyclable miron glass that enhances the product and of course recyclable paper always!

Buy a product today and plant a tree!  🌳🌲

“Climate change is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced!  All we have to do is wake up and change!”  Greta Thunberg