Eye serum - Pump or Pot?

We have looked into using a pot for the eye serum,  following a customer comment that they 'had to fish the rest from the bottom with a cotton bud.'  This is the only comment that has been raised on this being an issue but I am always keen to hear feedback.

The advantage of a pump is the product lasts longer as you are only exposing the amount you need and the rest is still in the sealed airtight container. 

All our products last thirty months unopened.  The eye serum itself lasts 12 months after first use, whereas all the other products are six months once opened.

Pumps are also used for easy dispensing and giving even, ideal doses that have also not been contaminated by grubby fingers! 

What do you prefer?  Pump or pot?

Would love your feedback! :)

Reduces fine lines, puffiness, sagging skin & dark circles - powerful anti ageing formula with natural organic ingredients!

 One of the best eye serums I've used"Applying this eye serum is just like spreading a thin layer of liquid velvet around my eyes, it feels amazing! I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I can already see how my 'under eyes area' looks less puffy and not as dull and tired as before. I love that this product consists of only natural organic ingredients nourishing for your skin and contains no nasties like a lot of off-the-shelf skincare does. Moreover, this eye serum acts as a great base layer for make up too. There's absolutely nothing not to love! I'm stocking up on it whilst it's on offer!" Tania


 Highly recommended this cream "My husband has a skin condition due to his medical condition. We have spent time and money to get an eye cream to reduce the redness and dark circles this has worked. Highly recommend this cream."