1. It is quite normal for your skin to react in the first few days of using a new natural, organic face serum or facial oil. This is your skin naturally detoxing, so don’t worry if a few pimples occur.  Your skin is already loving the new powerful ingredients you are feeding it.
  2. Less is more - It takes time to find the right balance for your skin, so experiment with a few drops to start and increase depending on your skin’s needs.  If it feels tight and dry, add a little more but be careful not to use too much as this will result in oily skin and wasting precious ingredients.
  3. Face Serums are best used at night as a deep nourishing treatment while your body is in sleep and repair mode, but listen to your skin - you may require more treatment in winter or if your skin is particularly dry or inflamed then can be used throughout the day depending on your skin’s needs.
  4. If used in the morning, allow the face serum to soak into your skin before applying make-up.
  5. Don’t judge your face serum by its smell.  Although natural plant oils and extracts are naturally and beautifully scented, they are often more subtle and earthy.  In organic skincare, synthetic aromas, such as strawberry, for example, are not permitted. Plant oils and extracts offer real long term benefits.  You will come to love these smells as you start to see and feel the results on your skin. It is well worth doing your research on the benefits and the terpene profiles of organic essential oils for example and the benefits they have for your skin.  Always opt for wild harvested where possible and sourced sustainably.